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Thoughtful Thursdays...

I wonder if others are like me and have a hard time silencing the random thoughts as the busy day concludes and the quiet night approaches? I tend to get antsy and have a hard time settling down. Calming my anxious thoughts and body can sometimes be a challenge. In the past I’ve felt more discouraged than hopeful. However; lately, I’ve developed a new mindset and tried a different approach. I hope you'll consider these suggestions.

Some practices that I’ve discovered to be effective for me personally are:

  • Listening to soothing/relaxing music

  • Bedtime boundaries- at a certain time, ending phone/screen time, no high energy tv, caffeine

  • Rubbing hands with lavender lotion or essential oils

  • Taking a natural supplement

  • Jotting down 1-2 grateful statements or wins of the day

  • Meditation and/or prayer

  • Warm bath and scented candle lit

As I've begun to find my personal evening routine-leaving room for unscheduled interruptions, I've begun to calm the chaos within and feel more hopeful that I will be okay! I’m confident you too can find a peaceful rhythm that works for you.

The link below is a recent article that discusses the importance of restful sleep. It reveals health risks as well benefits of a sound sleep schedule.

Check it out:

Remember, you matter! Let's keep building your foundation of hope!


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